Today’s guest blogger is Miami based professional home organizer Alice Robertson. She’s here to share her tips on how to stage your home for photos & showings. You can reach Alice at

Selling a home can be seriously overwhelming. There are so many things to consider, from inspections to appraisals to finding the right agent. So much more goes into your home’s value than on-paper details, like square footage and the number of bedrooms.

One of the most important – and easy to overlook – aspects of getting the most out of your house sale is staging. If you haven’t taken care to make your house look good in photos and for showings, you’re shooting yourself in the foot. A poorly staged home will end up overlooked and undervalued. Taking the time to understand staging, why it matters, and how to do it will go a long way toward making the most of your home’s charms.

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What Is Staging?

Generally speaking, staging is making a house look appealing to potential buyers. There are several points along a seller’s journey at which it’s appropriate to consider how your home is staged. It’s rarely a one-time process – particularly if you’re still living in the home.

The first time you’ll need to consider staging is when you have photos taken for the listing. Online home listings need to make a quick and solid first impression on potential buyers. If the first photo doesn’t catch their attention, they’re unlikely to want to learn more. Even a great wide image of the front of the house won’t matter if it’s followed by lackluster interior shots.

After that, you’ll want to check how your home is staged before each and every viewing. This can be a bit of a pain when you’re living in the house, but doing so is vital for increasing your odds of a quick and lucrative sale. Any buyer might be the one, so every showing is as important as the last. Make sure you put in the effort to make a good impression every time.


Why Does It Matter?

Staging isn’t just about catching a buyer’s attention – it’s about making your house look like a place they’d want to live. You can draw more buyers to your listing – and your home – by making the house as inviting as possible. More potential buyers usually means a shorter time on the market and can secure you a valuable position when it comes to negotiation.


Simple Staging Tips

You don’t need to spend a lot of money to make your home appealing. Here are some simple steps for helping any home make the best possible impression online and in person:

  • Cut Out Clutter – A messy space sends a bad message to viewers and distracts them from your house’s best features. Make sure to tidy up before photoshoots and showings.
  • Neutralize – You may have put a lot of thought into your home’s decor, but you will want to tone down personal touches. Strong stylistic choices can rub buyers the wrong way, as everyone has a different sense of style. Family photos can make the house feel “taken,” meaning buyers will have a harder time picturing themselves there.
  • Highlight Existing Assets – Every house has something that makes it special, and you want t take advantage of that. Think back to when you bought your home: What details stood out to you then? Highlight these assets in your listing to capture that interest.
  • Enhance Curb Appeal – Take an objective look at the front of your home. Little things, like an unkempt lawn or a dull exterior, can harm your curb appeal. One low-cost change you can make to a boring entryway is painting the door a bold color. This will give your home a pop that will catch buyer’s eyes.
  • Let in LightGood lighting is one of the most important parts of staging a home. When you’re taking photos, coordinate with the photographer to figure out the best time of day to have natural sunlight in as much of the house as possible. During showings, open blinds and curtains to make rooms look expansive.


These simple steps are low-cost ways to make your home as appealing to buyers as possible. Stage your house properly and it’s sure to make a lasting impression.


Photo Credit: Pexels