Kathy is as professional as she is friendly.

For those of you who read this review, just understand that our realtor Kathy is as professional as she is friendly. Two keys to being a very valuable asset in the home purchasing experience. Kathy’s professional services with obvious experience in all aspects of real-estate from credit, financing, general property evaluation, protection and anticipation of clients needs and wants is a credit towards her own value as a purchasing agent. Going the extra mile is a phrase we hear often – Kathy has went the extra miles numerous times with us to show houses outside of her local area – sometimes over an hour drive away from her location on weekends and or weeknights in order to fit our tight schedule. There is a boundary between professionalism and friendship. Kathy crossed that boundary with us and we are proud to consider her to be a friend. We would most definitely refer her professional services as a realtor if you are house shopping and want to be represented by a purchasing agent! No doubt her professionalism, experience and friendliness would be a great asset, of great value concerning selling real-estate as well. Kathy THANK YOU!